The testimonies that follow come from various sources - mission trips, visits to churches or to people in hospital, ministry by teleconference - the results are consistent, that is to say, the works that Jesus promised and that God our Father has prepared in advance for us to do. All were given by the individuals themselves, either direct to Chris or in conversation with their Pastors in the days following our visits. Where testimony comes from places of potential persecution, some names and minor details have been removed to protect the individuals. Some spelling has been corrected where necessary, but otherwise they are as supplied to us. Praise God for his wonderful works!!

They are changed regularly, so be sure to check back for more!

Stroke/ Heart Problem, Nose Bleeds, Terminal Cancer

(this is one person’s testimony of miracles experienced by her)

Bro. Chris Wade came to Tulsa OK in the USA in April of 2010. I was fortunate enough to have him visit with me and pray God's healing while I was at the hospital. On April 23, 2010, I had a stroke at the age of 44. WOW...this was a very scary experience, but with prayers and God healing me, I walked out of the hospital without any residual side effects from this. The doctors were in amazement because they thought I would need lots of work for speech and learning to walk their amazement, no need for any of this. They had found a blood clot in my heart, which is what the doc thought was the problem. Scheduled me for the surgery and when they went in to remove the clot...Praise was gone!! Another miracle!! My surgeon and nurses were laughing their heads off because my guess they had never experienced anything of a miracle before! My youngest son, was aware of how God had healed me and wanted to ask Bro. Chris to pray for him since he had nose bleeds from a very early age. We called Bro. Chris and on the phone he prayed with Nick and praise God...he was healed. It is now August of 2011 and Nick has not had 1 nose bleed since his healing...GOD is GOOD!! If you have any illness, all you have to do is pray, accept and believe in God's healing!! We would LOVE to have Bro. Chris move to the US to become our pastor...what is the chance of this happening???

We experienced many healings with Bro. Chris...a dear friend had stage 4 cancer and was told she did not have long to be with us. Bro. Chris prayed for her and today she is vibrant and living her life to God's will.

Nicole2 Tulsa Mar 10 med
Dislocated Shoulder
Whilst in Tulsa, Spring 2010, I called to a gas station on my way to church on Sunday morning. The attendant, Nicole, had her arm in a sling - a dislocated shoulder. I asked “May I heal that for you, in Jesus' name?" She hesitated but allowed me to do so. I left immediately after ministry to her. Later in the day, I called back: there was Nicole wearing a beaming smile, but no sling! "Its better!! Thank you!"she told me. "I feel 110%!". She said "it was burning... real sore... but when you put your hand on it & prayed, it was instantly better! I admit I was sceptical at first, but its amazing! How did that happen?" I had the privilege of telling her about the work of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Matt leg healed
Broken Bones Healed
Matt, the son of a good friend in Tulsa, had a motorcycle accident. I visited him in hospital where he appeared as though he may have suffered brain injury, with involuntary twitching and numbness down one entire side of his body. His neck was held in a surgical collar. Matt’s helmet had tire tracks over the top meaning his head was run over by a car. Matt says “It was miraculous that it did not crush my head or snap my neck. The entire accident itself was quite horrific and the people that saw it couldn't believe survived it.” Later, after leaving hospital, he said “I was sure I’d broken some bones”. One hour after ministry, he was alert and no longer needing the collar. All that the hospital’s scan had shown was one fracture of his leg. Why would the Lord heal everything else and leave this? I was mad we’d missed it! I ministered to him again. He left hospital soon after and went back to work the next day! The following day he returned to hospital for another scan. The scan didn’t show that fracture in his leg had been healed (healed fractures are normally visible) - the fracture wasn’t there at all! The Lord had removed it completely!

Devils that fled away; female: age, 30.
I have been facing many mental struggles for the last two years due to evil powers around me. I had no mental peace and always unconscious due to demonic pressures. My husband left me but my mother not gave up me. When she heard about Bro Chris visit, she brought me to the church. When he put hands upon me immediately a shocking feeling entered me and hit me pleasantly. As a wonder the whole body became a very light and I am absolutely delivered from the demons that were bothering me since last two years. Now I am so happy. My husband returned home again and loving me. This is all the miracle of God. Now I am a true believer of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

Boy Lame From Birth

My name is L. Ratna Raju. I have 10 years old son. He is crippled from birth. I brought my son to the Gospel meeting in [place name]. Rev Chris Wade put his hands on my son’s legs and prayed for my son. Then my son was healed. When I come to the meeting, I brough tmy son carrying with my hands, but when we go [back] to the house, he walked alone without any support. He felt very happy.

Kaliani healed
Breast Cancer
Kalyani, aged 24. My father is a painter and naturally my family is very poor. I have been suffering from pain in the left breast caused by tumours. When I was taken to a medical practitioner, he told it is to be removed by surgery it is very expensive and my father cannot bear the expenditure due to our utter poverty. I was astonished for powerful ray released from the hands of Brother Chris when he touched my body. Now I am so happy because there is no tumour in my breast and I am far away from the fear of surgery. Praise the Lord.

Deliverance by Heaven's Fire
Here's a testimony brought to us by a pastor who is producing fruit by the seed we've been privileged to sow into his ministry:

In our day to day service in the villages, we have so many experiences about the evil spirits that try to crush the human souls. Recently, in the village [named] an evil spirit belonging to Hindu Goddess caught a [19 years old] girl since one month [i.e. she had suffered a month of torment]. Her family [had] never heard about God and his holy word. We were in the outreach program along with our believers and church elders when the parents of the [young woman] asked me to drive out the devil from their daughter. They [had] wandered around the witch doctors and spent a lot of money to drive out the Hindu devil from the girl. At the eleventh hour, they believed the Good news of God that they heard from the microphones of our nearby church. They came and asked us with a little of faith.

I went to their home along with my team and looked at the girl. She looked at me with sharpened eyes full of angryness upon me. I surprised at her because she questioned me like this. “Who are you? You can’t drive me out that is impossible I am [more] powerful than you. I will see your end if you do not leave this house!” Every body there was observing what would happen. I slowly entered in to the small room, she sat down. Suddenly with loud voice she attacked me and try to hold my neck. Here it is wonder that she suddenly reversed her hands and cried that her hands are burning. [Chris: this is something I've heard often after ministering to people - they 'feel' or 'see' the fire] .

Immediately, I put my hand upon her head and prayed one minute. After one minute, she had fallen down on the floor. She came in to conscious stage and asked the gathering there what happened to her and who were gathering there. Every body surprised. Then real [young woman] is there. She is recognizing all the people there with smiling nature. Every body astonished at me. So God has done great miracles on behalf of their family. Later on, the girl's family are regularly coming to the church and they are ready to get baptism. Now they became a new child to God. Praise the Lord.

Healed of Aids
35 year-old Mrs Prasanna Kumari writes:
In my young days I did not know that I was passing on a wrong track. My life was full of enjoyment. (I thought then the wine and sex is the real joy of life unlimited sexual affairs. I spent the money for only liquor and sexual affairs. In a result, I got HIV positive to my body the doctors told me that there is no medicine for this disease and only way is to control it. I came to know that my lifetime became very short and on one very near day I will die. One day I dedicated to commit suicide and was walking towards my village canal side. Then I heard a divine voice from a gathering people in my village. Without my conscious, I went there. I heard godly works from the mouth of white man ... Chris Wade from UK and came to know the truth of life. My mind was totally changed at the movement. I got Hopes on my personal life. I put my total burden of my life upon Jesus. I believed Jesus and His sacrifice to the mankind of the universe. I prayed about my position and forgiveness of God about my previous sins, days together, recently, I went to the doctor for my regarding check –up the doctor astonished at my blood report. There is no HIV virus in my blood. Really its miracle of God in my life and I realized the power of prayers to lord. I never leave my lord till the end of my life. Our mercy lord will never leave my hand.

Deaf and dumb healing
Lakshmi (15) writes: Brother, when you visited the church at our village, many people gathered there. Then I attended to observe what is happening there. Slowly a mighty power of concentration entered me and I (was) able to listen little bit of message words. I wondered because I am purely duff (deaf!) and dumb girl. Then Bro Chris Wade prayed two times nearly 10 minutes for my heal. By the grace of God now I could able to talk simple words. Now I kept full faith upon God and I pray to Lord every (day) for my over all protection.

Emelia raised med
Polio healed

Emelia (aged 20), a Christian (pictured) came to the outreach platform to lead us in song. She was crippled by polio, needing to be carried everywhere - including up onto the platform. Believing in the victory of Jesus for her healing, Chris asked her if she would like to try to do something that previously she had been unable to do. Emelia said she would like to be able to walk with the aid of crutches. These were quickly brought (borrowed from a nearby church), and by faith Emelia pulled herself to her feet, then walked back and forward across the platform, as her friends and neighbours exploded into praise of Jesus. Emelia testifies, "I am crippled. When Bro Chris prayed for me in the name of Jesus I am able to walk. And also I have peace and confidence in me."

Freed from Alcoholism

Sreenu is a 30 year-old man. He was in the habit of drinking and gambling. He told Pastor Isaac "I was unable to resist alcohol and was drunk daily. As Pastor Chris laid his hands on me I felt fire come down through my head and touch my tongue. Now I don't even want to touch an alcoholic drink". Pastor Isaac adds "Now he is totally changed and leading prayerful life".

Glory! Yet we do not rejoice in the fact that spirits submit to us, but that these signs show that our names are written in heaven (Luke 10:9, 17-20, Mk 16:17-20)

Anyone who joins with us in mission, WILL see miracles: this isn't our promise - it's the biblical promise of the Lord to all disciples. Come and experience the Lord’s glory with us!

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