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based on a Heartlight plan, this adaptation by Chris Wade reads both Old and New Testament each day, beginning any day of the year! Presented in two six month sections, each of which is A4 3-panel (i.e folded twice), it fits neatly into your bible! Adobe pdf
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e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. They also supply free bible software for your iPhone or Pocket PC!
Free bible software from Bob & Lisa Brown at E4 Group. I can't speak highly enough of their ministry and customer service.

Pocket computer bible software for BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, etc! Although not free, I think it's the best. I had it on my Pocket PC /Windows Mobile 6.0 for years, and now run it on my Blackberry. It is brilliant.

New Church
Browse exciting reports and ideas on church that breaks the mould and gets back to how church should be.


Think church is great? I hope it is, but
read here what outsiders think of church!

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The Church In The House - Bob Fitts

Houses That Change The World - Wolfgang Simson
A Kingdom, A People & A River - R. Maurice Smith
We can recommend House2House's videos 'When You Come Together', which explains what happens at 'simple church' aka 'organic church' and 'Tidal Wave', which is an exploration of what's being called 'the second reformation'. simple church. Also George Barna's readings from his book 'Revolution' (available at House2House or The Barna Group), and Paul Vierra's podcast of the book 'Jesus Has Left The Building', available from the iTunes store or at Paul's site (click image)

www.churchontheweb.comHere is a Christian search engine and International Directory. A valuable tool to enable Christians globally to become aware of the multitude of ministries and resources that are available on the internet today.
Born again, but bored with mainstream Christian music? The Bored-Again Christian - presented by the John Peel of Christian Music, Just Pete - is podsafe, Godsafe, post-contemporary Christian music that extends beyond traditional praise and worship music. In other words, most of it sounds great to me! Listen online, check the bore 'em forum or (if you're in the iPod generation) subscribe free to the podcast.

Hear the dulcet tones of your Heavenfire Host, Chris Wade, in a soundbite on episode 49!
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