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The Beautiful Gift of Prophecy

Recently it has been brought home to me just how beautiful the gift of prophecy is. I’m not a Prophet, but I do operate with what a fellow-minister described as “a keen prophetic edge”. I love the gift, because – more than any other gift, I think – prophecy shows that God knows, and shows that he cares about the life of the person that the message is for. More than any preaching or quoting of scripture, prophecy reaches into the hidden hurts and deep doubts, cutting loose the recipient to “rise up on wings like eagles”! In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul writes “eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy”. Here are just 3 examples from the recent journey to India’s mountainous tribal regions.

I’d just finished preaching to a small house meeting when the Lord told me to prophecy to this young woman (I’ll call her Lakshmi). He said that her shame was over, her time of weeping was at an end, and that he was about to raise her up, provide for her and prosper her. Tears filled her eyes as Lakshmi explained that soon after she had married, her husband committed suicide and left her with a small child to raise. In India a widow lives in shame, without any help from social welfare. This girl’s only hope was in God. She continued to say that not long before my visit a young man – previously unmarried and with secure employment – had declared his love for Lakshmi and proposed marriage to her. Following my return from India I heard that they had married, and are now building a new life together! In speaking to Lakshmi, the Lord removed her anxiety and gave her a strong hope for the future.

After preaching at an outreach meeting, I was prompted to tell of a woman who, a few years ago in India and suffering from AIDS, had been on her way to commit suicide when she passed by a church where I was preaching. Although she hadn’t entered the building, she had heard the message and returned home with hope. Following this up with a visit to hospital, she found that she had been completely healed through hearing the Word! As I told this story, I was told to prophesy that there was a woman sitting in her home, just around the corner from our meeting, and she was HIV positive and ill with AIDS. She would be healed if she would receive it. Ten minutes later a small crowd of people followed the pastor and me to the woman’s house, not 50 yards away, where she was bed-bound and too weak to speak. She had lived an immoral life and was paying the price for it, yet Jesus carried her burdens and paid the ultimate price. She received immediate partial healing, and I have since heard that the healing continued and she is now up and about and living normally. The prophecy had given her hope that she too had not been rejected by God and could have a new start to life!

On another occasion, in a remote forest village, I was taken to minister deliverance to the village witch, a woman whose curses and power as a medium had hindered the growth of the new church our partner had planted. After years of being used by her demons for their own end, they had turned against her (I write more of this in the Dec 2011 newsletter). As we walked to her house, the Lord told me the names of some of these demons, and as I began ministering to the woman I told her that God had shown me that these were some of the powers involved, but that I had no fear of them, and neither should she, because Jesus had overcome them. The names of the demons were not necessary to her deliverance, but the fact that God had revealed them showed the woman that Jesus is Lord over all, and gave her faith to surrender to the one who then set her free!

No wonder that Paul continues his letter to Corinth, saying “everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort” (1Cor 14:3)!

Spain and Morocco
After Christmas, the Heavenfire road trip heads to Spain in the camper van for sun, cycling, and “good works prepared in advance” (Eph 2:10). Not having any ties to local church ministry (their loss! LOL) means that I can be used along the way, reaching people who otherwise might not be reached with the Good News of full salvation in Jesus. Cafe & petrol station, spa & camp site, every place is a place for ministry, as I’ve seen on
previous journeys! Locations we’ll stop at are Oliva (near Valencia), and Conil de la Frontera (near Cadiz), where I’ve again been invited to minister to the small English-speaking fellowship that was such a blessing to us last year. On from there, I’ll see what opportunities the Lord opens up in Morocco. Along the way I intend to start writing my next book - a follow-up to Seeking Heaven’s Fire - in which I hope to show the difference heaven’s fire makes in my ministry and yours!

Back to India (Nov 2011) After yet another major delay in awaiting the renewal of my totally unique Entry Visa – which allowed me to preach and evangelise with Government permission – the Lord has opened the door once more for a return to India at the beginning of November. Returning to the same region that we have visited since 2000, this time we will reach out even further into remote forested tribal areas. These places are accessible only on foot or by motorbike or sturdy bicycle. Could this be another reason why the Lord has called me into cycling at home?! (See more below).
these children have grown so much since last saw them!

I look forward to returning to this church, where many good times have been spent

We will hold outreach meetings under the forest trees and in villages where our partner pastor has already established small churches. The newly-appointed pastors of these churches walk miles and miles to seek and save the lost, and they would be so grateful to have a bicycle to ease their travels. This is why I am asking if you or your church or family can contribute £50 (or 25 or £100) to help do this. Please respond soon! The forests where the tribal people live are used as hiding places by Naxilite terrorists, who commit many regular attacks on police and on foreign corporations. I asked one pastor who goes into such areas “Do you have any problems with the Naxilites?”. “Oh no sir”, he replied and added, matter-of–factly “… only tigers and bears”!

access to the tribal areas is difficult

but the scenery is beautiful

2011 in brief (so far)
This year began with the Lord answering our prayers by giving Susan early retirement from her work in the body that was responsible for health care provision in the north of England. Taking the opportunity to spend more time together, we spent the first 3 months in Portugal and Spain, then after a month back in the UK we had a month in Germany. Whilst planned principally as relaxation for us, the Lord chose to send Chris to a small English-speaking fellowship in Spain that was at a transitional stage of its life. Being invited to minister here, Chris was used to enable both church and individuals to move forward with the Lord. There were also numerous times of personal ministry along the way, including bringing prophecies and healing to individuals in each of the countries we visited. At home he has preached and prophesied in local churches, and in between the maintenance of our home and lots of ‘MTS’ (ministry to self/Susan!), Chris has been strengthening the ‘temple of the Holy Spirit’ (1Cor 6:19) by cycling regularly and now frequently rides around 50 miles at an average of around 16-17mph. A strong spiritual life is often enabled by physical well-being! Chris’s online (internet, email and telephone) ministry continues too, and regular contact with people in India, Pakistan, Africa, and the USA proving that the Body of Christ is a family of “every tribe and language and people and nation” (Rev 5:9).

eBooks on iTunes & Kindle!
Two of Chris’s books - Seeking Heaven’s Fire and Armour of God have been accepted by Apple for inclusion in the iTunes Store. Visit the store via your computer, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and download a free sample to your iBooks library! See the Resources page for more.

Tulsa 2010 Newsletter
Click on the Tulsa 2010 link above to download (pdf format) the report on Chris's 3-month-long apostolic mission to Oklahoma!

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