"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field"
(Luke 10:2, NIV)

"Jesus facilitated spiritual formation in his disciples by introducing them to life situations and then helping them debrief their experiences. He taught them to pray. He did not lead them in a study course on prayer. He took them on mission trips; he didn't read books to them on the subject of missions...." Reggie McNeal, The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church" pg 85



Chris is called to minister the good news of salvation, healing, and deliverance wherever the need arises. He has ministered extensively with full Government permission in India, where he has focussed on the State of Andhra Pradesh. He has a strong burden also for the United States of America to find and fan into flame its unique national position in the Kingdom of God. Chris has also ministered in Poland, Czech Republic, and widely in the UK, and by email and internet into a number of other countries. Please pray for this ministry, especially for resources to become available, and for more workers to join Chris in this harvest field. Chris has a vision for evangelists and those in sympathy with them, to join together to form local outreach teams, to take the gospel message into the streets of the United Kingdom. Pray for all those who are, or who are being called to be, involved in this work. 'He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."'(Luke 10:2)

Practical Aid

Practical and material help has been given to churches and individuals - regardless of religion or faith - through the following:

  • Borewells to provide clear, fresh water for people, animals and fields
  • Funds to rebuild church buildings and houses following flood & storm damage. New church buildings constructed in places withoout suitable alternative meeting places, and a Widows' meeting place constructed.
  • One Child Day-Care Centre (formerly described as an 'orphanage'), others supported, and another new one being planned.
  • Child education & general suppport funded.
  • Buffaloes to provide nutritious milk and income support
  • Multivitamins to boost the nutritional content of poor diets and help guard against sickness.
  • Saris, shirts, trousers, and other clothing
  • Blankets and bedding for cold nights
  • Money to improve working conditions for a severely disabled woman (including provision of piped/ pumped water to her kitchen, and a refrigerator to minimise shopping trips).
  • All expenses -paid, with food provided, for Pastors attending Conferences.
  • Financial assistance to children's homes and to individuals in particular need
  • Support for widows
  • Bicycles for pastors
  • Income support for pastors and 'bible-women' (pastoral assistants) while they get established in ministry.

Called to Mission? Thinking About a Mission Trip?

Heavenfire is about equipping, empowering, encouraging and evangelising . It is not 'my' ministry. If you are planning a mission to Andhra Pradesh and would like to make some contacts, receive a little advice, or just a chat, email or phone me. If you have felt the Lord's call to his mission field, but don't know where to begin, do the same.

Once you have experienced revival, seen miracles and the deliverance of the oppressed, your faith level will never be the same. Fan your gifting into flame (2Tim 1:6), recapture the fire that you were first 'salted' with as a believer (Mk 9:49-50), become as all believers ought to be - baptised with the Holy Spirit AND WITH FIRE (Lk 3:16).
Email me if I can help you.

Mission team members write ...

Ajoke_smallSister Ajoke Ayonrinde (Nottingham, England) wrote before the Oct 2004 mission: When the opportunity arose to join the Heavenfire mission, I thought "it sounds great" but obstacles - finances and time off work - needed to be be overcome. God's grace has provided for me"

elfed_smPastor Elfed Godding (Cardiff, Wales) was part of the mission team in November 2003. He writes: My return visit to Tenali in November 2003 proved astounding. The ministry of **** [name removed because of increasing persecution of Christians) has grown significantly over the last four years from around six networked churches to over thirty. This is due both to [our partner pastors’] faithful persistence in prayer and pastoral support of the pastors and to the regular visits of my colleague Chris Wade. Once again we were privileged to witness the power of God in conversions, healings and deliverance and to be amazed by the firm vision and humble and faithful service of the pastors associated with ****. It is a privilege to work alongside such men and women of faith.

Helping Others Do God’s Work

When we can, we like to assist other mission-minded friends to donate direct to local brothers and sisters working in the Harvest Field. Having assurance that someone can vouch for your money being put to good and genuine use is a big factor when we are stewards of God's resources. This note of thanks came from a pastor in India who had received a gift from a friend who we'd liaised with when we'd been told about a pressing need for bicycles:

Brother, I am extremely thanks so much for your kind heart in transferring my humble requests to Brother J [name witheld] about bicycles for co-workers. I felt so happy and jumped with joyfulness in Christ and informed this holy news to all of my co-workers. They too prayed about bicycles by providing a lot of strength to brother J as well as you in this holy plan of salvation in India. [2 bicycles were donated by this Brother]