He will baptise you
with the Holy Spirit
and with fire
Matthew 3:11

John the Baptist's words were spoken about Jesus, but Jesus committed his ministry to all believers. Heavenfire Ministries and its founder, the Rev Chris Wade, serves Jesus Christ and his church by building and fanning heaven’s fire at home and on the mission field.

Chris Wade is a minister of the Word and the Spirit. He brings encouragement, empowerment, and evangelism with a clear prophetic edge and with miracles following, enabling individuals and churches to step up to a new level of life in Jesus Christ.

He has authored three books, Seeking Heaven's Fire, God of the Sea, and Armour of God (available from the Resources page and elsewhere) and has been a regular contributor of bible study notes to Scripture Union’s ‘Daily Bread’ (sold as 'Discovery' in USA). Before founding Heavenfire Ministries, Chris spent 13 years in full-time ministry, pastoring churches in England. Susan his wife, is a constant support, encouragement, and critic. They are based in north-east England, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Chinti preach
Since beginning the work in India in 2000, under God’s direction Chris has helped plant and nurture many churches there. Heavenfire Ministries takes great care to work only with those church groups that can demonstrate integrity of faith, and fruitfulness in evangelism and mission to their local communities. Chris has also responded to specific apostolic direction to help churches in the USA, Europe and Africa, but is most careful to go only where the Lord sends him! Fulfilling the promise of Jesus (Mk 16:17-18), miracles are a regular feature of ministry everywhere the Lord takes Chris. Multitudes receive healing. The blind receive sight, the lame walk, deaf hear, dumb people speak, and so much more.

Ann'a ministry 20
In India (which has been the focus of much of our work), large numbers of people are set free from the demonic oppression of false 'gods'. Ministering in outdoor settings open to all, and also in church meetings, the gift of God is given in Jesus' name to all who will receive.

Biblical Heavenfire speaks of the coming of the fire with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:3); it reveals the coming again of our Lord Jesus (2 Thess 1:7); it shows God the Father's presence (Dt 4:36), and much more. It also speaks of our passion for Jesus (Ro 12:11) - a passion that fills, motivates and empowers Chris's ministry.

So far as time and resources permit, and God willing, Chris would be happy to offer mission-focussed, evangelistic, or teaching ministry to your church or organisation. No financial guarantees are required. Contact Chris to discuss your ideas.

Be encouraged by what you read on our Testimonies page, or consider a trip with us as you explore the Missions page. Browse the Photos and enjoy getting a feel for some of the places and people we’ve been privileged to visit.

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